5 of my favourite camping pics you can capture with your phone!

As a photographer, I have the “big fancy camera” and some gorgeous lenses. But let’s face it, they are a pain to haul around! Not only is it all very heavy, but I’m always worried about where to put it when we’re at the beach for example because I don’t want it to get dirty, wrecked, or stolen. So I have recently embraced my iPhone camera and it’s been very liberating! I always have it with me anyway and I’ve discovered that I CAN get images I love and cherish from it, besides the regular snapshots we all already take! So here are a few of my favourite types of images to capture that you too can take using your phone!

  1.  I am in LOVE with this first composition and just can’t get enough of it.  To me it just feels so inspiring, like there’s a world of possibilities ahead! I especially love this pose for children (probably because at the moment my best and most readily available models are my own girls!) but it works beautifully for anybody. A really great way to incorporate a portrait with some stunning scenery!
  2. Silhouettes! Always a nice classic shot, place your subject between you and the sun and shoot away! 
  3. I love some good lens flare! Point your phone right at the sun and play around with angles to see what you can achieve. A great way to add some drama to your image!
  4. Don’t forget the details! There’s just something about little hands and feet I can’t get enough of. My baby girl is almost 8 but I feel like her little hands still have a slight pudginess to them that I’m desperate to capture before she grows up too much! It’s also a great way to remember the various items and collections that they were into at that time. Because who doesn’t need more rocks, bugs and dandelions, right?!
  5. Kids playing. Yes I know we all have these, but be creative! Try to show them in their surroundings and vary your angles. Most of the time the best shot is never the first one. When you think you see something you want to capture, walk around your subject and try to see it in a different light. Just by changing your perspective a little you can add a whole other level to that image which moments before was just a snap shot. Also try to pay attention to distracting elements in the background such as garbage cans or people walking by.


Basically just have fun, keep your eyes open and maybe you’ll have some images you’ll even want to print and hang on your walls! If you’d like to see more of my pictures be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

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