Ladies this one is for you!!

I was so lucky to first meet Kathy and Maureen just a couple years ago. They are the two loving, inspiring, truly genuine (and did I mention BUSY) ladies behind the EnjoyMEnt Experience. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend this wonderful weekend not once, but twice, and they are memories I will carry with me for many years to come. This year’s experience occurs September 20th to the 23rd, 2018 and here is why you should plan to go…


So what is the “EnjoyMEnt Experience”?

Now we’ve all heard about the spa retreats, the yoga retreats, the “get to know yourself” retreats… let’s face it, these days there are so many options if you are looking to relax, be pampered, and simply unwind. WELL… EnjoyMEnt is just a little bit different. Yes there is yoga and the stunning view in the morning in particular makes your session that much more special, there is some pampering in the sense that all meals are prepared by a Red Seal Chef and served at your table to share, and there is definitely plenty of soul searching time. But there is also so, so much more.


There is crafting, there is a zip line, there are high ropes and low ropes for the adventurous, there is an obstacle course, a climbing wall, there is hiking, there have been breakout dance sessions and even the opportunity for your inner warrior to show her true colours, there are campfires and singing and at the very heart of it, there is PLAY and SELF LOVE. Think of it as a choose your own adventure kind of weekend. If you just want to sit by the fire and enjoy a good book, you can do this here. If you want to challenge yourself physically and mentally, you can do this here. If you are craving connection with other women from ALL different backgrounds and experiences, you can and will most definitely do this here. You will laugh, you may cry, but most of all you will feel supported, connected, free to explore your own path.



The Setting

EnjoyMEnt is perfectly placed at a beautiful little camp called Camp Kindle which is nestled in the picturesque Water Valley in central Alberta. Whether you have snow or a gorgeous fall day (I’ve experienced both here) the scenery is absolutely stunning and the perfect backdrop to your weekend. You’ll feel like you’re at camp again with the cute little bunk beds, the spacious lodge complete with large stone fireplace, and there’s even an opportunity to spend the night in a tipi!!



Truly something for everyone

Every year has a little something to make it different from the last. The first year we reflected on our dreams and wants with “The Desire Map” as our guide, the second we were so lucky to have createbooking workshops by the incredibly talented ladies at Prairie Girl Outpost, and THIS year camp goers will be treated to a truly unique experience creating “Stoned Intentions” with the extremely knowledgeable and also oh so talented, Twig & Velvet.

Oh and did I mention there is wine, swag bags, and other carefully planned little surprises to make you feel even more special?!



SO, what are you waiting for?!

Space is limited but there’s still room! Go on, do something nice for yourself and REGISTER! And if you’re still not completely sold, be sure to check out their website for the full itinerary, plenty of other info as well as pictures and videos. You won’t regret it… ENJOY your EnjoyMEnt Experience!!

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