Meal Prep makes me a Happy Camper!

I don’t particularly mind cooking. But Every. Single. Day?! I feel the same while we are camping. Yes we have more time, most days there is no rush at all, and cooking on the BBQ or over the fire is just part of the fun. But this still doesn’t mean I want to mess around with a ton of meal prep, I’d rather be relaxing and enjoying a drink! So before our trips, I try to do as much prep beforehand so that I don’t have to do it at the campsite. Yes it takes a bit of planning and just one more thing to do before taking off from home… but for me it’s worth it!

Here are a couple of my go-tos!…

Chili… feeds a lot of people and is just a good all around comfort meal. I brown the hamburger before leaving home which takes no time at all and then straight into the camper freezer. Now all I have to do is have on hand the several cans of beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, whatever you like, toss it all in a pot and heat it up! I particularly like that this meal takes up hardly any fridge space. Also if you have a very large group of people, serving it on top of cooked pasta or with Tostitos and cheese helps make it go further. Bonus if you have leftovers, always great for a quick and easy lunch the next day!

Tacos in a bag or nachos. Again, brown the meat, whether you like ground beef, turkey or chicken, add the taco seasoning and freeze. Now all you need to do is add whatever fixings you like! Tacos in a bag require no additional cooking (other than reheating the taco meat), nachos you can heat on the BBQ or campfire!

Chicken breasts, pork chops or steak. I don’t like having to pack all kinds of sauces and spices so at home I’ll throw the portions I need into freezer ziplock bags, add my favourite marinade, and again right into the freezer. Now all you have to do is take it out when you’re ready for it, thaw, and toss it on the BBQ!

We love sandwich makers, or bush pies as some call them. All you need for these is bread, butter, and literally any kind of topping you like. Our favourite is ham, swiss cheese and apple pie filling. You can do pizza stuffings, denver sandwich style, strawberries and nutella, banana with chocolate chips and peanut butter… you get to be pretty creative with these! This year because of the fire bans we discovered they work on the BBQ as well! (Hint: One of the hardest things I find to store in a camper is bread. What I find helps a bit is to freeze it at home and then just before leaving I’ll pack it all in the camper’s microwave. It seems to keep a little longer!)

Hamburgers and hotdogs go without saying. If you like homemade burgers you can make them ahead as well or if you’re like me, for camping I will cheat on this one and buy pre-made frozen burgers.

Other than all of this I like to have plenty of crackers and cheese on hand, hummus and pre-cut veggies, homemade muffins, cookies, and Rice Krispy squares are all camping staples for us. Frozen yogurt tubes, individual fruit cups and granola bars make nice grab and go snacks as well.

If you have a quick and easy meal prep idea you would like to share I would love to hear it!!


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